The Concert

Perfect Pitch is a contest hosted by the Berklee Songwriters Club that gives students a chance to simulate the role of a songwriter signed to Sony, Universal, BMG, Warner Bros, etc. In the songwriting world, when a famous artist records an album, they will put out a call to songwriters asking them to write songs for the album. The songwriters do their best to fit the singer’s musical and lyrical style, as well as their vocal range, and in the end, the singer (and his or her producers) get to pick which song they think works the best.

And thus: Perfect Pitch. We’ve auditioned over 100 of Berklee’s best vocalists to give you the top 12 singers at the school. Songwriters then have a chance to flex their songwriting skills by writing up to 3 songs to pitch to the vocalists! The singers and their producers choose their favorite songs, and then perform it live at our concert at the Berklee Performance Center– with some of the best players at Berklee as our rhythm section, a live string quartet, and a horn section! Then, a panel of industry professionals will choose their top 3 favorites!

The history behind the show is rooted in our desire to foster a greater sense of community between the separate departments of Berklee who tend not to intermingle all that often. That’s how the idea came about to have songwriters ‘pitch’ their songs to ‘artists,’ use performance majors for our house band, and business majors to help us organize and promote.


3rd Place: Ain’t Nothin Performed by Matthew Sallee, Written by Ashlee Juno, Produced by James Burnett

2nd Place: Movie Star Performed by Samuel Marks, Written by Alex Nobile, Produced by Sophia Christopher

1st Place: Dancing on the Ceiling Performed by Arantza Vásquez, Written by Sophia Christopher, Produced by Jake Torrey