The Band

Mike Linden
Mike grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota where he began playing guitar at the age of 7. When he was just twelve, he jumped a three year waiting list to study under the best guitar instructor in the twin cities, the legendary Mike Elliott, who took Mike under his wing. His progressive rock trio Y?, together for five years, was renowned for its unique groundbreaking blend of sophistication and accessibility. The band, formed and led by Mike, received twelve awards and was nominated for the Best Teen Band in Minnesota by the Minnesota Music Academy. In 2007, Mike performed at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Jazz a Vienne in France, and The North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. In 2010, Mike was invited on the stage to play Burnable with the legendary Larry Carlton. That same year he also won the Taylor Guitars Solo Showdown. During his free time Mike spends his time building guitar effects pedals and computer programming. Finally the words of Larry Carlton and Robben Ford’s Manager, Richard Wheeler sum it up nicely: “What a great experience to watch the world of guitar unwrap one of it’s newest gifts, Mike Linden.”

Dennis Drummond
Dennis is a 21 year old guitarist from Warren, OH who is currently finishing up his last semester at Berklee College of Music. He has been playing guitar since the age of 7 when his parents first noticed his love of music and got him his own guitar. By the age of 12, Dennis was playing all around Ohio with a number of groups. After graduating from Berklee, Dennis is moving to Nashville, TN to continue his career as a studio/ session and touring guitarist.

Kyle Hovland
Kyle Hovland is a professional bassist and bass instructor in the Boston area. He is currently attending Berklee College of Music and is in his last semester as a Music Education Major. Through his time at Berklee, he has studied with such greats as Dave Buda, Whit Browne, and Anthony Vitti. Kyle’s professional playing career began when he was accepted to play in a band for Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, and he went on to receive a cruise ship contract, traveling throughout northern Europe to play. Years of playing corporate events, weddings, cover shows, and original music has given Kyle the experience he needs to continue his playing and teaching careers.

Kyle Edmonston
Kyle Edmonston plays drums. He likes it a lot. Kyle began his lifelong musical journey at the age of 7 with his first drum kit. He began studying under Grammy Award winning Phil Smith and continues that relationship today. Kyle looks beyond genre’ and embraces all types of styles and colors of music. His curiosity about music is rivaled by his determination to make music the expression of his life. Kyle spent much of last year playing live and recording with many Berklee artists. He is looking forward to graduating early from Berklee after only 2 ½ years.

Hunt Hearin
Hunt Hearin is a Pianist, Vocalist, and Producer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Currently a 6th Semester Piano Principal at Berklee, Hunt is majoring in Music Business/Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship. Growing up in the South, Hunt was playing piano by age 3 and began his formal study the following year. When he’s not busy working as a producer, session keyboardist or audio engineer, Hunt tours New England with The Joint Chiefs – a six piece jam-band based in Maine. His playing encompasses Rock, Funk, Country and Gospel styles on both the Piano and Hammond Organ.

DeShawn Alexander – Piano